Cross-Border Tax

Author: Real File CPA |

Effective cross-border tax planning is separate to each company. Proper execution of cross-border tax leads to minimal foreign tax burdens and precise tax saving opportunities.

There are several factors that must be considered when preparing taxes in both Canada and the US. Having a Canadian tax expert and a US tax expert work individually can be a dangerous game, and does not represent an adequate Cross-Border Tax solution. This disjointed approach to tax filing has been known to create several damages legally and financially for all types of companies. Real File CPA will guide you through proper reporting of cross border tax. Our highly trained experts know all strategies to make you pay the least amount of tax possible and avoid catastrophic penalties with the IRS.

Real File CPA counts with fully registered IRS filing agents with vast knowledge in FIRPTA, FAPI, Non-Resident Withholding taxes, structuring and many more essential areas needed to run a business or own property in the United States. With the right planning, you can make business flourish, pass US properties to your children or other beneficiaries tax free, and enjoy financial freedom.

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