• Compliance & Planning

    Real File CPA helps individuals and corporations with in-depth accounting support to comply with up-to-date tax regulations, capital allowances, accruals and rollovers, and how your corporation handles remuneration, to maximize tax opportunities.

    Taxation rules and regulations are continually revised at every stage of national and international governance. Corporations constantly need to find the most effective tax planning strategy that will benefit their business financially and will allow them to grow. That is exactly what we do! Our accountants review the areas that result in the biggest tax opportunities for your business.

    We can help you with:

    • Dividends payments
    • Tax deferred real estate transfers
    • Accruals
    • Corporate tax-saving strategies
    • Like-kind exchange for US property holders
    • Family/beneficiaries business succession planning

    Tax planning is one of the most essential parts of anyone’s financial plan. Real File CPA has the experience to help you minimize your tax liability from the beginning.

    • Mobile Accounting

    Long gone are the days of expensive, time consuming, and confusing accounting paperwork. Real File CPA’s mobile accounting software helps save time and increase profit, allowing clients to work on their business on the go.

    As a business owner or real estate investor, if you are not leveraging technology in all aspects of your operations, then you are wasting both time and money. Our mobile accounting software is all about accessible, organized, and real-time solutions to manage expenses, submit receipts, store important documents, and access reports for banks or investors all from your computer, phone or tablet, anytime and anywhere. This will not only streamline the tax filing and reporting process; it will also give you more time to actually run your business, maintain high standards on your finances, and ultimately generate higher profits.

    • Cross-Border Tax

    Effective cross-border tax planning is separate to each company. Proper execution of cross-border tax leads to minimal foreign tax burdens and precise tax saving opportunities.

    There are several factors that must be considered when preparing taxes in both Canada and the US. Having a Canadian tax expert and a US tax expert work individually can be a dangerous game, and does not represent an adequate Cross-Border Tax solution. This disjointed approach to tax filing has been known to create several damages legally and financially for all types of companies. Real File CPA will guide you through proper reporting of cross border tax. Our highly trained experts know all strategies to make you pay the least amount of tax possible and avoid catastrophic penalties with the IRS.

    Real File CPA counts with fully registered IRS filing agents with vast knowledge in FIRPTA, FAPI, Non-Resident Withholding taxes, structuring and many more essential areas needed to run a business or own property in the United States. With the right planning, you can make business flourish, pass US properties to your children or other beneficiaries tax free, and enjoy financial freedom.

    • Corporate Structuring

    Proper structuring of a business is important, and must be strategically thought out. Proper corporate structuring will lead businesses to thrive and achieve their goals.

    Surprisingly, wrong corporate structuring is very common. This results in a series of financial burdens for small and medium business. Tax efficiency is achieved when appropriate corporate structuring is done in foresight of future events instead of as a response to today’s occurrences. Real File CPA can advise you on the right structuring that fits the type of business you are conduction while avoiding any financial penalties or limitations.

    We can help you:

    • Drafting articles
    • Creating directors and shareholders resolutions
    • Designing estate freeze clauses
    • Life insurance shares and multiple share classes for maximum tax planning
    • opportunities
    • Over election clauses and other CRA-protection measures
    • Corporate minute books

    Don’t wait until it’s too late. Enjoy the benefits of proper corporate structuring today!

    • Trusts & Estates

    Real File CPA can assist you transfer businesses and assets to family or beneficiaries, whether in your lifetime or upon your death, always planning to preserve wealth and pay the least amount of tax.

    Trusts and estates are often used to minimize taxes while offering other financial benefits if planned ahead. Likewise, the process of transferring assets to beneficiaries can be fast compared to relying on a will. Other benefits include the ability to determine terms and distribution of wealth, wealth protection, and privacy.

    Our trust and estates services include:

    • Inter Vivos and other Family Trusts
    • Spousal Trusts
    • Disability Trusts
    • Trust provisions
    • Incentive based wealth transfers

    As of January 2017, taxation rules and regulations for trusts and estates have been updated by the Canadian government. It is important to be up to date with these changes as they can affect your current plans. We are well informed on current tax regulation regarding trusts and estates, and we are ready to help you plan the best strategy for your needs.

    • CRA Problem Resolution

    Real File CPA’s problem resolution workflow is led by a former CRA Criminal Investigator, Auditor, and Forensic Accountant. We fight on your behalf to solve tax problems and disputes with an inside knowledge of the CRA that very few firms can match.

    Common Canada Revenue Agency problems for business may include excessive interest, tax penalties, CRA seizures, CRA wage garnishment, audits and collection action. Our tax manager, David Puotinen, is a former CRA Investigator, auditor, trainer, manager, collections officer, and problems resolution specialist. His in-depth expertise on the taxation system guarantees our clients to receive accurate advice and representation when dealing with complex CRA disputes. Get immediate help and start resolving your CRA problems today!